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Local Guard Company SEO Services

Local security guard company SEO services DEMO here or call a local guard business SEO expert to see if SEO is best for your security guard company:  (800) 688-9633

Local SEO for your security guard company is the best way to gain more business.  We will explain why, but we also have worked in service to the security guard industry long enough to know that you know that words are cheap.  The proof is in the results we do and will deliver.  So, be encouraged to pick up the phone and call us to PROVE our local security guard business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities at any point.

It may be worth it to read this entire “Local Guard Company SEO Services” page to see everything about the security guard business SEO experience that AccountAbility Global offers, or it may be easier to call, so whatever is best for YOU!

Our security guard business experience will be evident throughout this page, which will prove to make our approach to your local guard business SEO very advantageous to you. We will also include detailed explanations and supporting research about how search engine optimization compares to the alternative— “pay-per-click” advertising, which at the time this was written has grown Google to an 863 BILLION dollar company…which means that a LOT of companies are paying for “clicks”, including your security guard business competitors.

Local guard company SEO is here. Call us now to prove it or click here to have a guard business SEO specialist show you.

As always, unsurpassed support and service are core values of the AccountAbility Global team.  Support for your security guard business SEO services may seem like a strange topic to lead with, but it has always been something that we at AccountAbility Global address with pride and purpose. The reason is, every core member and owner has worked extensively in service and support, particularly in the security guard app and management system software space. 

security-guard-company-local-seo-servicesIn fact, the owners of AccountAbility Global have spent well over 50,000 hours of combined support to the security guard industry!  As many of you know, we have made ourselves available to the security industry 24/7 for many years. This makes us far more aware of the particulars of the security guard business than anyone else who might write your SEO-friendly content and serve your other search engine optimization needs. 

While our SEO services are different in that you won’t often need Support (since it is a mostly passive role on your part), you will need Service.  The amount of service will depend on how much you want us to do for your security guard website on a monthly basis, whether that be simply making occasional adjustments or picture changes, or aggressively growing your search engine presence until you are found virtually ANY way someone searches for security guard services. 

Experience the best local guard company SEO Service and Support. Click HERE for a guard business demonstration or call (800) 688-9633.

Online advertising, otherwise known as “PAY-PER-CLICK” is the alternative to guard industry SEO. So why not just pay Google, Yahoo, Bing, Hotmail, etc. to create a presence for your security guard company in the “AD” or “Sponsored” section?  Well, let’s look.

Over 20 years ago, Google came to the then BILLION dollar (now, TRILLION dollar) search engine industry and dominated it within a couple years.  Ironically, Google did this by offering consumers the MOST accurate search results for what they were searching for; this is the 1 through 10 actual, “natural” results that show in the main body of the page, 24/7.  Until Google entered the search engine space, any unethical technically savvy person could trick the search engines to include their website in the results by way of “keyword stuffing” and other tricks, making the search results largely useless. The irony comes into play because, once those top 10 natural results are filled, anyone else who wants to have any visibility must pay for advertising (unless, of course, you hire the right local security guard company SEO service to replace the top positions with your website). So, advertising is what really made Google into an $863 BILLION dollar business

Effectively executed SEO services for security officer companies puts you in the top, actual results.  24 hours a day. 7 days a week.  To show you what we mean by “properly executed SEO”, look at the results for AccountAbility Global.  You may have landed on this page by Googling, local guard company SEO services, and clicked on us after finding us in the top of several million search results.  But you can also Google all kinds of variations to find this security guard SEO services page, like, “SEO services for local security guard company“, or even leave of the “local“: “guard company SEO services“.  The question is then, what will it mean for YOU to have each page of your site being found multiple ways for the security officer services that make you money?

Besides having to compete for “pay-per-click” advertising with every other business in your market just to occasionally show up in the mix, there are a couple other important things to consider about appearing in the AD or “Sponsored” section instead of the results.

        1. RESPECT. You have worked hard to gain respect in the industry, so it’s hardly fair that when buyers search for the security services that make you money, they can’t find you in the actual, organic results. Fair or not, advertising is not generally trusted. Consumers are aware that anyone can pay for an ad so, according to research, most folks skip the ads and click on the top actual  results. If you are found ahead of 14,000,000 other RESULTS on page one of Google, then you are respected by consumers.  Remember, relevant results is what put Google on the map!

        2. Consumers can actually turn the AD/ Sponsored section OFF. It is unclear how widely known this is the web searching world, but the three vertical dots next to each “Sponsored” “AD” first display “Why am I seeing this AD?”, then allow the consumer to block that particular ad, or ALL ADS from showing up again! 
        3. Even if you are fortunate enough to have advertising search terms that only cost $2.00 per “click”, a pretty hefty budget can be quickly burned up by clicks from competitors who want you to go away and folks just shopping options. Again, this comes back to the respect of being found as an actual relevant local security guard services result, instead of an ad.
        4. The security officer business RESULTS that appear, based on proper search engine optimization, are where your potential customers are looking for local security guard services. And guard company SEO is much more cost-effective, to boot!


Properly executed local guard business SEO dominates the pay-per-click advertising alternative. Call a guard company SEO expert now, or click HERE.

seo-security-guard-servicesOne of the critical things we at AccountAbility Global have learned in our years of service to the security guard industry is that the margins of profitability are not huge. With inferior guard services offering unrealistically low prices because their guards are not trained well and are underpaid, it can be tough to charge a higher price for superior security services. 

There are very good reasons why SEO is the solution to this very real security guard industry problem.

        1. Local guard company SEO service is much more affordable than pay-per-click! We will work with your security guard business for the initial website development and design cost—often less than the cost of one month of Google advertising—then your monthly payments can be as low as a few hundred dollars to keep you SEO compliant, host your site, and make occasional adjustments! Compare that to the average small to medium sized business that pays Google ALONE between $9,000.00 and $10,000.00 PER MONTH try and compete with pay-per-click!
        2. Paying for AD clicks only puts you in the mix with all your competitors, meaning, if you have 50 security officer companies that you are competing with in your market, and only half of them are doing online advertising, it is still going to be a war of who will pay the most to be in the AD section the most. And even then, they can’t be there all the time because all their competitors are paying for a shot and Google must rotate them too.  Security guard Company SEO puts you in the TRUE and RELEVANT RESULTS 24/7.

Local SEO for your guard business is the best choice for your security guard website online presence. Call us at (800) 688-9633 or click here to see for yourself.   

What does becoming the most relevant security guard business website in your market really mean?

The internet is the primary way consumers who need security officer services find what they need.  Nothing is more convenient than simply searching “Security guard services” when you need those services and getting what you need, when you need it.  “Word of mouth” is awesome, but in a world where everyone seems busier every day, you can’t count on anyone stopping what they are doing to spread the good word.  In fact, it sometimes seems like the only time you hear from customers is on the occasion that they believe something went wrong somehow.  So, internet visibility is really the only realistic way to grow in today’s security guard business world.

And the more visible your company website is when a potential customer is searching for what makes you money, the easier it is for them to choose your security officer services.  

So, back to our search engine optimization specialists making your site “the most relevant security guard business website in your market”.   The first step is to make your website relevant to the search engines at all.  This is not to say that you might not already have a beautiful website and even be found a couple ways, but if our SEO folks build you one (and you can keep both!), every facet is structured with that single goal in mind; to use our extensive SEO expertise to get you found many ways.

But what would having your security guard company website found HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of ways really do for you?  What if nearly any conceivable way someone searches for local guard services you appear in the top results?  THAT is what we mean by “most relevant”. And THAT is a game changer.

You may not yet conceive how valuable it will be to be the most relevant security guard website in your local market for the services that make you money, but we will SHOW you.

Call to SEE if affordably becoming the most visible local guard website in your market makes this the best SEO services for your security company: (800) 688-9633