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Local SEO Service Company

Local SEO services Demo HERE or call a local SEO company expert to decide if SEO is best for your local business. (800) 688-9633

Local SEO service is the process of constructing your website to improve its visibility in local search results. Properly executed local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services attract more website traffic, which converts to quality leads, resulting in customers; all from local searches for the services that make you money, on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Local SEO service companies focus on structuring a website for location-specific keywords, such as “security guard services in (your city)” or “Corporate legal services in (your state).” It involves various strategies, including writing website content properly, creating location-specific landing pages (a HUGE benefit over “pay-per-click” advertising), creating local business listings on directories, and building relevant backlinks.

By choosing AccountAbility Global to employ local SEO strategies, your company will increase your visibility in local search results, attract more targeted traffic—meaning people find and “land” on the page that speaks specifically to their needs or desires—and significantly improve your chances of converting those prospects into customers.  This last—”converting prospects to customers”—is an art unto itself, and one that our SEO experts who will be serving you have mastered.  

So, local SEO service is for businesses that primarily serve customers in a specific geographic area.  Ideal for any business that provides services in a key city, county, or even your state, the point of a “local SEO services company” is to make your website visible whenever a prospective customer searches for your services within your geographical area. 

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local-seo-profitThe local SEO service methods that AccountAbility Global uses to put your business website in the top results is not typical.  Yes, like most SEO companies we prefer and highly recommend having us build you a new site (because it is the ONLY way to ensure that it is in 100% compliance with the best SEO practices). But we do NOT want to take your URL!

The game of taking control of your URL is an old one and is unethical, as far as we are concerned.  If you have an existing website, then you keep it.  We’d be happy to have our designers help you tweak it for a moderate fee, but as far as the local SEO goes, we will accomplish the best results by building you a new or second website, that can link to your site, but will basically be a separate money-making MACHINE.  Your same look and feel (if you wish, and same phone number and so forth, but your new site will be found in the top results of google and the other search engines for the local services you provide, guaranteed

This new website is yours as well.  We will simply host it for you, handle your website administration including picture adjustments, and your SEO compliance for a bit.  Then, if you choose that you want to handle it yourself, we hand it all over and stop charging the couple hundred dollars per month that we were charging to do it all. Chances are that you will stick with us to know that your administration and local SEO is all done right, and only getting stronger.

See what our local SEO services company can do for you by calling (800) 688-9633 or clicking for a Demonstration.

cost-effective-local-seoThe wonderful thing about the AccountAbility Global approach to local SEO is that, because we are verifiably very good at what we do, we can make entry into the local SEO arena affordable and profitable, whatever it is that you want to accomplish. 

For example, if you are a roofing company, and you make the most money from doing new roof installations, you may decide on an initial local SEO service strategy to dominate “new roof” in your primary city. The great thing about this approach is that the entire design, development and SEO of your brand new site would cost less than the average small to medium size business spends on a month of advertising!  Then, for a nominal monthly fee, we will host, administrate, keep up with compliance, make minor adjustments and pic changes, AND add additional services and or cities to have you found for every month!  This is the least expensive way to get on top of your market over a short period of time, and still have the results guaranteed.   

The local SEO service approach will differ according to your desired outcome, of course.  For example, a law firm may want a “Personal Injury” page written for 29 key cities in your state.  That ultra-aggressive approach would require 29 pages of unique content, all written following SEO best practices.  While this method of saturation is certainly effective, the initial cost for such a build is obviously more than having us build an SEO’d website for personal injury related searches in only the main city you serve. But in this example, if your firm serves those 29 cities, then the price you will pay AccountAbility Global for dominance of your markets will be far less than the cost of watching your competitors take the business in those cities.

Our local SEO service company experts will help you decide on the best and most cost-effective local search engine optimization strategy for you! (800) 688-9688

While paid advertising can be a useful additional strategy for some businesses (not most, as you will see when we talk), Local SEO service is the best option due to its cost-effectiveness, higher click-through rates, sustainability, and brand-building benefits, just to name a few.

      1. Cost-effective: Local SEO is a more cost-effective strategy than paid advertising for a lot of reasons. But the bottom line is that, while there may be some initial costs to build your optimized website, the initial cost is usually less than a single month of paying for “clicks” in the search engine “AD” and “Sponsored” section.  Once your website is complete, you are in the top local results 24/7, instead of in the ads rotation with all your competitors. Then we can maintain or GROW your presence every month for a fraction of what you would pay for ads. PLUS, local SEO is for ALL THE SEARCH ENGINES, as opposed to paying each one for ads.
      2. Higher click-through rates: Research has proven that potential customers searching for the services that make you money prefer to click on “organic” (actual) search results, rather than clicking paid ads. This means that if your business appears at the top of the search results with Local SEO service, you receive more clicks and visitors to your website than if you were paying for ads. With local SEO, that customer also lands on the page of your site that speaks specifically to what they want.  
      3. SEO is more sustainable: Local SEO efforts lead to long-term benefits for your business, including 24/7 visibility in search results, increased website traffic, and higher conversion rates due to the targeted nature of good SEO. Paid advertising, on the other hand, only provides benefits for as long as you continue to pay for the ads, along with every competitor in your area.
      4. Better for brand building: Local SEO service companies help build your brand’s online presence and reputation as time goes on. By creating high-quality content and optimizing your website for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines, you establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry, because you appear in the TRUE RESULTS 24/7.  Alternatively, paid advertising has never been the place to build trust (think of all the “click-bait” advertising and news headlines that come to your phone or computer).


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