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Are you ready to rise above your competition when buyers search for what makes you money?



…and in everything we do.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technology science of making your website show up ahead of your competitors when potential customers search for services that you offer.  In a nutshell, SEO is accomplished by making your website the easiest for Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engines to read or understand.  This makes your site more relevant than others, and so allows it to appear in the top of the search engine results, 24/7 for the services that make you money.

SEO is one of the primary services offered through AccountAbility Global, along with custom workforce management and reporting solutions.  When you see the power of the SEO services performed by our Search Engine Optimization experts it will be clear why we look forward to being accountable to you.

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Services and Support you can depend on.

Whether yours is a Security Officer Business, a Construction Company, a Contracting Firm or virtually any business that wants to grow cost effectively, then the excellent SEO services provided through AccountAbility Global is the answer.  

Why choose AccountAbility Global SEO to grow your business?


Unlike “Pay-per-click” advertising, building your website with proper SEO places it in the top search engine results naturally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if you have an unlimited budget to pay for advertising “clicks”, your competitors paid too, so your website can only be in rotation in the sponsored AD section. And if your budget is limited, you only get to show in the ads until clicked away. 24/7 is better = SEO is better.


The actual, natural, “organic” RESULTS section of the Google page is what put Google on the map, and quickly moved them ahead of all other search engines.  This is because Google promised to provide the most relevant results for online searches, and they delivered.  Any search engine that didn’t follow suit lost users or went away completely. The search engine optimization performed by AccountAbility Global will put your website in those results (and not just Google).


When you search for something you need, do you look at the actual results, or the paid “Sponsored” “AD” section? If your answer is that you look at the “natural” results, then you are with over 90% of the web-searching populace. If you said ads, well, those folks need love too! Whether due to current “click-bait” news and marketing headlines, or the door-to-door and “used car” grifts of mid-last-century, people do NOT trust advertising. The actual results are what buyers respect, so the actual results is where our SEO services will put you.



Something very unique and valuable happens when you have a website built on the best SEO principles and practices.  That website becomes a business generating/ money generating machine.  If you intend on keeping your business for generations, awesome.  Then you have this money generating machine to grow as large as you care to.  And if you ever want to sell your business, your website is a very valuable asset in that consideration.

SEO Works.  Grow Your Business Affordably with Help from the Proven Search Engine Optimization Experts at Accountability Global.

SEO Expertise

It will soon be clear that our staff is extremely good at the science and art of SEO. The results that we have achieved and can show you, and then implement for you if you so direct, are amazing. When you call, ask about a company we took from ZERO, to becoming a multi-million dollar company, without paying for advertising!

Local SEO Services

While we certainly have helped companies achieve national and global dominance, we are aware that most services, including physical security, for example, are restricted to a specific, local, service area. Our local SEO experts are excited to discuss the best strategy to have you found for your services in your specific service area.


Support is a very common theme that you will see spoken to throughout the website. This is because that is where we come from. The core Team here at AccountAbility Global has over 50,000 hours of 24/7 support under our belts. This, combined with the truly productive SEO we perform, is very much to your advantage.

SEO-friendly Content Writing

Ideally, we will build you an initial or additional website, to guarantee results based on having done everything right. That said, our lead SEO writer has written single pages that have a service found dozens of ways on page one of Google. We are happy to help in any way you choose.

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