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Affordable SEO for Security Guard Businesses

Affordable SEO services for security officer companies is here.  Call (800) 688-9633 or click to schedule a DEMO of this cost-effective security guard business SEO.

Affordable security guard business SEO fits your budget. Being found in the top of the search results for the security services that make you money is essential for security guard businesses looking to compete in today’s world. However, for many security officer business owners, the cost of professional SEO services can be a problem. If you’re a security officer company looking to boost your online presence as affordably as possible, AccountAbility Global is the best SEO company for you.

With years of experience in the security officer business space, our extremely talented U.S.-based SEO staff is uniquely positioned to serve you, right here from America, 24/7.  We are also aware that the profit margins in the security guard industry are slim.  For that reason, we have inexpensive SEO packages that start for considerably less than the average small business pays for online advertising, or “pay-per-click” sponsored Ads, and with MUCH better results. 

And that’s the golden ticket:  SEO for your security officer business is not only affordable, but the results are much more profitable for you too!

affordable-security-guard-business-seoCall an expert for affordable SEO for your security guard company or click for a Demonstration.

Search Engine Optimization is far superior to the pay-per-click AD alternative for a few pretty major reasons.

      1. Cost-effectiveness: While paid advertising can be turned on so that your AD immediately shows in the rotation, any real visibility in the “Sponsored AD” section gets expensive real fast. Because, unlike SEO which puts you in the real results 24/7, advertising can only put you in rotation with all your area security officer firms. And once you stop paying for ads, even that limited visibility disappears immediately. With affordable SEO, on the other hand, you can build additional visibility over time for a fraction of the cost of advertising. It is important to note too that cost-effective means something slightly different than affordable. Affordable means the investment fits into your budget.  “Cost-effective” means that your return on your SEO investment will be the best it can be.  You get both with AccountAbility Global!  And finally, you can get SEO done for your local service area, national market, globally, or anything in between!
      2. Credibility: Most potential customers searching for the services that make you money skip paid ads and instead click on “organic”, or natural security guard service search results. When a website ranks high in the actual search results due to its SEO-friendly content and other SEO services, it is perceived as more credible and trustworthy. This leads to more clicks which leads to more business.
      3. Sustainability: SEO requires little ongoing effort to maintain your rankings, and a comparatively nominal fee to grow your online presence monthly! With paid advertising, you need to keep paying or lose all visibility.
      4. Long-term benefits: With SEO, your website becomes an ASSET, or a genuine security guard business generating machine, to put it another way. That asset will only pay off more and more over time with minimal maintenance.  With paid advertising, you are only getting visibility for as long as you are paying for it which, again, is just to put you in the rotation with everyone else anyway.


The bottom line is that well done security guard company SEO is going to pay off BIG TIME, even if it wasn’t inexpensive to get it done right…but it is.

The security guard business SEO experts at AccountAbility Global look forward to providing you with affordable and profitable SEO services.  Call: (800) 688-9633