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Why SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service DEMO Here, or simply call an SEO services company expert at (800) 688-9633 to see why SEO is best for you!

SEO is science.  But what is the “science” of SEO, and why should you care? 

Google holds the claim-to-fame of offering the most relevant search results for services or products we search for, which is why Google dominates the search engine market.  So, if your website is the most relevant and easiest for Google and the other major search engines to read, then your website earns the right to naturally show up in the top search results/rankings in your industry, and in your market; whether your market is local, nationwide, or worldwide.  Search Engine Optimization simply means that your website is optimally structured to let Google know that it belongs in those top results for what makes your company money.  Then the other search engines, from Bing to Yahoo to Hotmail, will follow suit. 

“Simply” a couple sentences up means just that, that we tried to simplify what search engine optimization is, and so why SEO works.  The feat of getting SEO done, however, seems to many to be akin to magic.  “Akin” because, while it is still 100% science, SEO is wildly misunderstood by the bulk of folks who claim to be able to help you with Search Engine Optimization.  So it is understandable that businesses looking for SEO would be confused, or even doubt it’s merit as a “science”.  This fact is very much to your advantage now, because if you hire AccountAbility Global to handle your website’s visibility, then you are working with honest, hardworking experts who can give you real results.  But how can you trust that we, or ANY company claiming to have the ability to put your website above your competition for the services you offer?  Well…you can’t.  Not yet.  So we will never ask you to.  When you call we will show you what we have done, get you an cost-effective quote, and guarantee your SEO results!  

Call an SEO expert today at (800) 688-9633 or click here to see if Search Engine Optimization services are best for YOU.   

SEO is one way for your website to show up ahead of your competition for what you do, but what is the alternative?  The answer, of course, is “pay-per-click” advertising.  Pay-per-click ADs are the quickest way to have your website sometimes show in related searches.  Advertising is also the most expensive and least productive way to get business from the internet. 

seo-better-than-paid-adsWhy is pay-per-click advertising so much less effective and more expensive than Search Engine Optimization?  A couple reasons.

  1. Understand, as this page is being written, Google is worth about $863.2 BILLION dollars, and an estimated 97% of its income comes from pay-per-click advertising. Paying Google or Yahoo or Bing every time someone “clicks” on your “AD” to reach your website gets expensive REAL fast, as you may well know if you have tried it. Many keywords are relatively inexpensive, but like most things, you will pay accordingly for the best search terms.  Astoundingly, some search terms cost HUNDREDS of dollars for a single “click”!  But let’s say that the term you want only costs $3.00 per click for your market.  With today’s technology, Google and the other search engines even now extend the ability to define what times of the day your ad shows up, to hopefully reach your prospective customers better at times when they will be looking.  But Google is staggeringly valuable for a reason.  Here is the math: even if only 100 people click your AD—whether they are competitors trying to make your limited clicks go away, a genuine prospect who is shopping options, or someone with a grudge—you now owe $300.00.  And even if you have a budget of $10,000 a month, how many others are paying Google to compete with you?  Google needs to show them in the “AD” or “Sponsored” section too.  So even if you have an unlimited budget, your ad comes and goes in the shuffle.  And depending on the density of competition in your market, your ad shows in the sponsored section that much less often.  SEO puts you in the TRUE search results 24/7.
  1. Studies show as many as 94% of people searching for services or products online choose the actual “natural”, top 10 RESULTS over the “ADS”. 94% sounds a little high to me, but I don’t click on ads, do you?  A smaller percentage, but still the majority, will go pages deep in the actual results never clicking an ad.  Fair or not, the AD section of the searches is definitely avoided by most folks because advertising is generally not trusted (just think about all the “click-bait” advertising and news headlines that you get nowadays).  So, why click an AD when there are ten ACTUAL RESULTS that are the ones Google says fit your needs right there!
  2. And the scariest issue with the “Sponsored” or “AD” section is that ANYONE CAN TURN ADS OFF… Seriously, let this sink in:  You just paid your $3000.00 monthly bill to show up in the mix is a section that is generally shunned, and now anyone annoyed by ads simply clicks the three vertical dots to the right of your ad and blocks it from appearing again, or just tells Google that they don’t want to see any more ads, period. Done. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is the key to gaining more business affordably and effectively.  Click for a Demonstration or call now to see some of the best SEO you ever will.   

There are only 10 results on page one of Google, so it is crucial to choose an SEO company with proven results.  Search Engine Optimization obviously works, but just like anything, if there is a way to confuse people and get paid for nothing, charlatans will be jumping on the SEO gravy train and take what money they can until you figure them out.

With the SEO performed through AccountAbility Global you get a staff with proven integrity and talent.  But trust is earned, so when you contact us we will endeavor to earn it through clear demonstrations of what we and properly executed SEO services can do for the growth of your company.  Then we will GUARANTEE you results.  The simple truth is that proving that the SEO we do works is simple: How does a local web site we build rank in the Google search results?  What about a GLOBAL SEO’d website?  You will be very pleasantly surprised.

Good search engine optimization services will get you ahead of the competition dozens of ways.  The “BEST SEO” services will have you dominate your market nearly any way someone might search for your services and eliminates the need to pay for advertising altogether.  Getting the best search engine optimization affordably is possible, and we will prove it.  Then you be the judge.

Call our SEO service experts at (800) 688-9633 or click here to schedule a demonstration of search engine optimization done well!

seo-search-engine-optimization-affordableBut how cost-effective is search engine optimization?  No one can argue that getting found ahead of your competitors in the actual results, 24/7, for services that make you money, would be awesome!  But if SEO is not affordable, what does it matter?

Drumroll, please…

The search engine optimization services that you acquire through AccountAbility Global will be one of the most cost-effective business decisions you will ever make.  While the cost will be dependent on how competitive your market is, including whether you are competing on a local, national, or global playing field, the cost will pale by comparison to the benefit of dominating the searches for the services you offer, where you offer them, 24/7.

Having provided technology services and support for so many years, we are aware that some industries have a very slim margin of profitability.  We will give you options that meet your SEO needs, and get you results, regardless of your budget.  While “free SEO” and “Cheap Search Engine Optimization” may be a myth, affordable SEO, that gets you the results you need to grow your business, is 100% verifiably real.

Affordable SEO is a phone call away, or click here to have us prove that cost-effective Search Engine Optimization is best for your company.  

The experience of the SEO Manager and lead SEO-friendly content writer who will be spearheading your search engine optimization services spans over a decade and a half of success.  This, like everything we claim, will be shown to you. 

SEO Experience is wonderful, but unless that experience is in successful practices, it means little to nothing. It’s like a dishonest mechanic telling you that you need a new transmission when it was just that you had a bad spark plug; if you don’t understand automobile engines, then you are paying for a deception (As I write this, I remember how I have been cautioned throughout my career never to bring negatives into trying to win someone’s business, but I hope you will see this “negative” consideration as us positively trying to honestly help you).

The SEO experience of our specialists is hard-won, coming from working at search engine optimization services night and day, year after year, until the nuances almost become instinctual.  You understand if you have been working at your profession for a long time and giving it all you’ve got. 

So, we have experience in doing SEO the right way.  Just give us a call and see the results for yourself.

Experienced SEO professionals are here to help.  Call us at the number above or click here to have an expert show you some of the best search engine optimization you have ever seen.

Search Engine Optimization services, done correctly, will put you ahead of your competition, in the actual search engine results, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  So, what else is there to consider?

The answer is, some pretty critical things.  Fortunately, the SEO experts at AccountAbility Global include these very important pieces in the SEO package, and every facet of them is included in the SEO/ Website Development package.  The complete website development /SEO package is best, of course, because we are not subject to anyone else’s mistakes.  Properly done SEO is most effective if every piece of it is done right, like anything!

One important, but often overlooked consideration is, now that a prospective customer has landed on your site, how do you keep them there.  And further, how do you get a prospect to pick up the phone and call you, instead of just clicking the back button and continuing their search for options.  If your website was found through search engine optimization, in the actual results instead of a pay-per-click AD, you have that going for you.  But there are nine other relevant results for your services on page 1 of Google and Bing as well,  so what else can you do?

Rest easy.  The SEO service experts at AccountAbility Global know the psychology behind getting your potential customers to pick up the phone and call you, or schedule a consultation. 

SEO is the biggest step toward growing your business, but understanding what else is needed is what our search engine optimization service and website development experts bring.

The simple truth is (because simple and truth are always good), we could tell you all about Google’s hundreds of algorithms and how it is important to keep up with changing standards in the SEO world, but that is just sizzle, and pretty boring and even annoying for someone who is not really into search engine optimization.  So, please allow us to pose this question instead:

Seriously, what IF you could dominate the search engine results, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for the services that make you money, in your entire market?  Imagine becoming a multi-million-dollar company without paying for advertising.  Our lead SEO services expert has done it and can show you, so you can judge for yourself.

Call today and ask one of our SEO services experts to prove what we can do for you.  (800) 688-9633