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Security Officer Agency SEO

Security Officer Agency SEO Demo HERE or call to speak with a security guard business SEO specialist: (800) 688-9633

Security guard agency SEO is the absolute best way to gain visibility and business in today’s world. And we’ve worked in American security long enough to know that we should cut to the chase.  And we respect that.  So, let’s start by PROVING ourselves. Then you be the judge and the jury.

Google “affordable security officer agency SEO” and see if our logo shows up in the actual 24/7 results (not in the pay-per-click/ “Sponsored” ads), out of several million REAL results. Then please feel free to click on us to bring you right back here. We don’t pay for “clicks”.

Now, though you may have already gotten the idea–in which case, just give us a call and let’s discuss doing the same thing for the searches that make YOU money–we will explain why SEO is the absolute best way to go for your security officer agency website:

      1. Increased visibility: Whether yours is a local, national, or global security guard business, SEO makes your security guard company rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it easy for potential customers to find you. And unlike the search engine “AD” or “Sponsored” pay-per-click advertising section, SEO puts you there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! The significantly increased visibility then results in more website traffic and therefore more business.
      2. Credibility and trust: People trust websites that appear at the top of search engine results. It is, after all, why they were searching for security guard services I the first place.  By using SEO to make your website more relevant to Google, Yahoo and Bing for the services that make you money, your resulting higher positioning increases your business’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of security officer company searchers.
      3. Cost-effective: Compared to advertising and other types of marketing, SEO is a very cost-effective way to attract new security service customers. While SEO requires some upfront investment, the ongoing maintenance costs are MUCH lower than other forms of advertising, and with much better results.
      4. Targeted traffic: Search Engine Optimization attracts targeted traffic through relevant, SEO-friendly content, meaning that the people who visit your website are interested in your security officer agency’s specific services. What if your company offers, “Bike Patrols”, or “Armed Executive Protection” is one of your money-makers, or you would like to be called for “Construction Site Security”? SEO can target the key SUBJECTS, not just key words (so get you found a bunch of ways on each topic) and have your prospective customer land right on the page of your site that fits their need!  This logically leads to much higher conversion rates and a better return on investment and advertising.
      5. Competitive advantage: By using SEO to improve your online presence, your physical security firm will gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. It doesn’t matter if other security officer companies are bigger or more established.  The SEO done through AccountAbility Global will put your website in the game!


Call our Security Officer Agency SEO experts at (800) 688-9633 or click for a DEMO to decide if SEO is best for your company website.

security-officer-company-seo“Pay-per-click” was mentioned above.  Simply, pay-per-click is advertising that you pay the individual search engines for so that you can be in the security guard services rotation with your competition in the “AD”/ “Sponsored” section of the results pages.  Paying the search engine companies—at least Google, Bing and Yahoo—is the alternative to SEO.  So, if you can pay the search engines to show up in the advertising mix right away, is search engine optimization actually a better way to go?

We’ll lay out the facts, and you can be the judge.

Google is an 850 BILLION+ dollar company, which is the largest in the TRILLION dollar search engine industry.  Over 95% of its income is estimated to come from advertising .  THAT is the first thing to consider when looking at the following facts.

      1. Google is exceptionally valuable for a reason. Paying Google or Yahoo or Bing every time someone “clicks” on your “AD” to reach your website gets expensive REAL fast, as you may well know if you have tried it.  Many keywords are relatively inexpensive, but you will pay more for the best “key words”.  A few key words cost $50.00+ for a single “click”, and a surprising number cost more than half that amount! 
      2. But even if the key word you want only costs $3.00 per click for your market—whether those clicking are competitors trying to make your limited clicks go away, a genuine prospect who is shopping the options, or competitors trying to click you away—you owe the search engine company $300.00 if only 100 “clicks” happen.  And it really gets crazy when you consider that, even with an UNLIMITED budget, you only get to show up in the shuffle with every competitor who is paying Google (or yahoo or Bing, etc…) for AD space.
      3. While it may not be as high as some studies showing as much as 94% of prospective security guard company customers choosing the actual results (that again is the permanent, natural, organic results on that page, above and below the “AD”/ “Sponsored” sections), it is certainly the majority of service seekers who choose from the organic results. As explained in point 2. of the previous section, that has to do with trust and credibility.  Society has learned that ANYONE can buy an ad, so most folks ignore the AD section.

Seriously, why would anyone click an AD when the ACTUAL RESULTS are right there, and they are the results that Google and the other search engines are saying BEST fit your needs?

And here is the biggie, though it is unclear how many people know about it. Anyone annoyed by constant advertising can TURN THEM OFF.   It seems that it would be very frustrating to know that you just paid you monthly $3000.00 pay-per-click bill, just to occasionally appear in the ad section that most security officer agency service seekers ignore, and that some folks just have the sponsored ads turned off! See for yourself.  Click the three dots to the right of a pay-per-click ad.  You now can block that one ad, or cease ALL ads.

Yes.  Search Engine Optimization is the MUCH better way to go.  SEO is, in provable fact, the BEST way to have your security guard company appear 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the services that make you money.

Schedule an SEO DEMO to see for yourself if 24/7 Search Engine Optimization results are better than paying for “clicks”.

security-officer-agency-seo-servicesSo, how much does great security officer agency SEO cost?  Obviously it would be wonderful and lucrative to be found ahead of your physical security company competitors any time buyers search for the security services that make you money.  But if it’s not cost effective, what does it matter?  The answer is, even if we charged a LOT more, you would make that back, and more, in very little time.  But we have security officer agency SEO packages starting lower than most businesses pay for a single month of pay-per-click advertising…and that’s to design, develop and SEO a brand new site and URL for you!

Affordable SEO can be great SEO.  It can even be the best SEO for your security guard company website, if those performing it are masters.  While we are learning all the time, the proof is in what we can do for your company’s visibility, so we will show it to you when we talk. 

Call to see if AccountAbility Global can offer you the best SEO for your website, inexpensively: (800) 688-9633

And here is another important benefit of optimally done SEO:  Getting found dozens to HUNDREDS of ways ahead of your security officer agency competitors!  We touched on this a bit under “targeted Traffic”, point 4. at the top.  But what it means is this: 

Obviously you will want to be found for stuff like Security Guard Services and Security Officer Company, but “long tail” optimization is ultra important too.  Long tail searches refer to the searches that are more descriptive, and often asked as a question.  This is easily illustrated with the growing number of people choosing to speak their commands to “Siri” or any of the other helpful voice response tools.  And this was true of mobile phones first.  Many of your potential security guard business customers are going to verbally ask Google things like, “What guard company near me offers nighttime patrol services?” Or, “What are some good security guard services near me?”  Hopefully so because that is the kind of SEO we do.       

In the mobile age, we will build you an SEO’d website that shows up beautifully and functionally for anyone searching by PC or Phone.  Whether they type a couple words searching what security service they need, or speak a long-tail search into their phone about the guard business services you choose to be found for, we will optimize your website to be found.

And the U.S.-based SUPPORT and service that AccountAbility Global provides to your security guard business is very unique.  This is because our core owners and staff have spent over 50, 000 HOURS in service to the security officer industry!  So, this translates to a MAJOR advantage for your security officer business website:  We understand the business better than anyone else in SEO!  From the slim margins, to the competition, to the SaaS (Software as a Service) of Workforce Management and mobile reporting, our staff has been tested by fire in the real-time, 24/7 world of the security business for many years, and we’re still smiling 😊

As many of you in the security officer industry know, we are very serious about support and service.  And while Website Design & Development and SEO are largely passive on your part (you just enjoy the additional business coming in from dominating the security officer business market and leave the website to us), our first-rate support and service will be here for you whenever you need us.

Schedule a DEMONSTRATION of our affordable yet impressive SEO services today.