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Location-based SEO

SEO must be based on your geographical market to be effective.  The Search Engine Optimization industry refers to this as location-based SEO, or geo-targeting. 

The SEO experts at AccountAbility Global will help you decide on the very best location-based strategy for your initial website build. 

Factors involved will include:

      • Budget – You will be very pleased to discover that there is always a cost-effective approach to great SEO.
      • How aggressive you want to be out of the gate – You might initial choose to have us build you a website that dominates the results for the main service that makes you money, then go with an affordable monthly plan that has us build out additional services each month. Or you might tell us, “Give me an SEO package to get me found in these 17 cities for these 14 services”.  Obviously the second example will cost more, but the rewards will be 10+ times the initial results too.  Rest easy that we will guarantee results regardless as to which search engine optimization approach works best for you.
      • Geography – This simply means that we build your SEO in such a way that we “target” your specific geographical market for those services that you wish to be found for.


Call an expert in SEO geo-targeting today at (800) 688-9633 or request a DEMO to determine the best SEO strategy for you.

The following three types of SEO encompass the primary approaches to location-based search engine optimization, but we will build your website according to whatever cities, states, regions, nations, or worldwide market fits you!  


Local search engine optimization can target a single city, a group of cities, or even a group of states.  The idea of “local” then means whatever geographically TARGETED market best benefits your business’s profitability.  This build-out can happen as slowly or quickly as you choose.


National search engine optimization means that we will target your entire country, or group of countries in which your services are available.  If you do serve other countries, the content will be further analyzed and adjusted to be certain that it is easily translatable by those additional country’s search engines.


Global search engine optimization builds your website to be found in the top search results around the world.  Ironically, depending on the services you offer, a “LOCAL” SEO website could cost more than a global website. An example might be a Personal Injury Attorney who wants to dominate related searches in 19 major cites between three states.  Again, it is all relative, but that Personal Injury website would cost more than a global security officer software and app website.

Like the National SEO approach, global SEO would require more research into how best to translate the content through search engines around the world.

We can build a site to have you found in every area and for every service that you want to be found in.  Ultimately, the SEO performed by our staff can have your website found hundreds, to thousands, of ways in the top of the search engine results, 24/7, for what makes you money.  If budget is a concern, we just do it in steps.  But even the first step will be rewarding!

Our SEO strategists are here to speak with you about the best search engine optimization approach for your company.  Call (800) 688-9633 or Schedule DEMO